Bible OL drives immersion into the Hebrew Bible

My Biblical Hebrew has been developed for a course at FIUC-DK in Copenhagen from August 15 to December 10 2018. Learning outcomes and feedback were excellent, and this experience is now used for a class in Ethiopia in February-April 2019. A new class starts in Copenhagen from June and onward during the the Fall of 2019. 

Take a look at a 16 minutes long recording of a presentation of My Biblical Hebrew at Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting in Denver in the Global Education and Research Technology session on November 17, 2018. It explains how effective inquiry is enhanced with practice, fun and play. All instant feedback and continuous assessment is driven by Bible OL, and learners are guided to practice through videos, texts and supervision on practice.

CLICK on video recording of a presentation at SBL 

Watch what learners are saying

Does it really work? In ANNONCEMENTS you will find interviews with several students from the Copenhagen 2018 classroom. But don't miss the following interview made by Dr. Henrik Sonne Petersen on October 31, 2018:  

"In a few clicks you are actually learning, and it is not that difficult", says student of Theology Jakob Ulriksen, and Lars Nielsen adds that you learn more effectively, when you combine different resources.

Contact learning designer Nicolai Winther-Nielsen for access on a trial basis or as a full course. 

Available courses

Mit Bibelhebraisk - Kursus på dansk. Prøv det gratis

Mit Bibelhebraisk 2-1 - Dansk adgang til hebraisk grundkursus i suffixer og det regelmæssige verbum

Mit Bibelhebraisk 2-2 - Dansk adgang til hebraisk grundkursus i uregelmæssige verber og basal hebraisk syntaks

First 8 Units for Beginners Hebrew - 2,5 ECTS 70 hours. Read, nouns, phrases and wayyiqtol; Reading of Gen 1:1-5

Next 8 Units for Basic Biblical Hebrew part 1 - 2,5 ECTS 70 hours. Regular verb, suffixes. Reading of Gen 1:6-2:3.

MBH2-2 continues MBH2-1 - 2,5 ECTS, 70 hours. Irregular verbs, pronouns, numbers; Reading of Gen 2:4-3:24

Kursusmateriale til bibelhebraisk kurser for blended learning (TM1501-DK1) og online (HEB1501N-DK1 og HEB1502N-DK1). 

Øvelser og test til dokumentation af arbejdsdkrav

Amharic Biblical Hebrew is facilitated by Zetseat Fekadu

The word training modul: Master 727 words in 70 days or 12 weeks.