How the Hebrew Bible teaches with fun and play

Biblical Hebrew has never been more effective and enjoyable!

My Biblical Hebrew continues to develop persuasive Biblical Hebrew through feedback from users of Bible Online Learner. We focus on effectitve learning, with fun and pleasure. Videos and texts helps you play for practice.

The site opened August 15, 2018. Contact learning designer Nicolai Winther-Nielsen for access on a trial basis or as a full course. 

Available courses

First 8 Units for Beginners Hebrew - 2,5 ECTS 70 hours. Read, nouns, phrases and wayyiqtol; Reading of Gen 1:1-5

Next 8 Units for Basic Biblical Hebrew part 1 - 2,5 ECTS 70 hours. Regular verb, suffixes. Reading of Gen 1:6-2:3.

MBH2-2 continues MBH2-1 - 2,5 ECTS, 70 hours. Irregular verbs, pronouns, numbers; Reading of Gen 2:4-3:24