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Copenhagen class did well in exam

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Copenhagen class did well in exam
by Admin User - Thursday, 3 January 2019, 4:48 PM

On December 10, 2018, the first class using My Biblical Hebrew had their final four-hour hand-written traditional exam at Fjellhaug International University College Denmark.

The course available on this site has been presented in Denver in November (see Video from presentation at SBL). The course was taught as a blended learning course, but participation in f2f sessions were completely voluntary. 3 students never participated in the class sessions.

Learners did well at their exams. The first test version of the course has proved very effective for 560 hours of learning.

The marking was performed by first examiner and course creator, Nicolai Winther-Nielsen, Fjellhaug International University College Denmark. The percentage calculations are entirely his and the figures used for statistical metrics are provisional.

The final grade was decided by external examiner and second marker, Associate Professor Andrew Donald Wergeland, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society in Oslo. 


Exam TM 2018 Copenhagen group     

Translation of Ex 6:2-9: 55 % 

Explain 11 forms 11 %

Find examples and explain HIFIL 8 %

Find examples and explain NIFAL 8 %

Find examples and explain WeQatal 12   %

Explain 3 construct phrases 6 %


Percentage of learners with score of correct answers

A: 89-100 %                     15.3 

B: 78-88 %                       46.2

C: 77-68 %                       15.3

D: 67-56 %                       7.7

E: 55-40 %                       15.3                        

F FAIL below 40 %              0 

These figures imply that over 61.5 % of the students passed with a mark above middle, since they were correct in more than 78 % of answers used for the calculation of scores.

It is not possible to see from the anonymous data, how exam results reflect the performance of individual students for the tracking in Bible Online Learner. However, among these learners are two who studied online and had no peer contact, and they presumably will need much more time and support for practice (though read Ole Frederiksen Beinthin's appraisal that Learning Hebrew is addictive!). Two learners started to practice only half way into the course and this presumably may also have influenced their results in the final exam.